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Distortion (2017)


A woman wakes up from a 3 month coma after being attacked with no memory as to what happened. Now, she is haunted by brief yet distorted & bloody images of her fiancé as the only clues as to what might have happened. The woman must work with an embittered police detective, who is dealing with his own personal demons after the death of his own wife and son, in order to regain her memories before she becomes the next victim.
Meet the Cast
Ryan Merriman as
Det. Baker

Detective Baker has been in law enforcement for the 13 years, and is haunted by the recent deaths of his wife and son. He becomes obsessed with solving Nicole's case which he was working on when he lost his family.
Tonya T. Cannon as
Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis awakens from a coma after being attacked in her home three months prior. In that attack, her fiance and his parents were brutally murdered and Nicole's injuries left her with no memory of the events leading up to their deaths.
Corbin Bernsen as
Dr. Eli Sutton

Dr. Eli Sutton is an attractive yet edgy surgeon at the hospital where Nicole is now a patient. His presence can be both domineering and yet, he has a certain unsettling charm.
Larry Lowe as
Det. Parks

Detective Parks is a veteran in law enforcement and has been partnered with Baker for the last 6 years. Parks is very "by the book" so when he witnesses Baker skirting the edges of appropriateness, his concern for his partner grows as they both attempt to solve Nicole's case.
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